Welcome to my radiation web page. You will find some files that I created on "The Horrors of Nuclear War and How to Survive It!". One file is a LibreOffice Impress file (on Firefox right click then save link as) that can be converted to a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation if needed. I have also included a .pdf file and video file that is in .mp4 format. These files are free to use in any lecture that you give as long as they are kept intact. It took me a lot of work to create them so I would miss any exclusion from your lecture or from your documentation. The files include information that is the best of my knowledge. If you feel any information is incorrect please feel free to email me. The purpose of this information is to help anyone that feels the need to be aware of what to do in this type of event. It is full of information that I know and feel a need to share to those that would like to learn about radiation. I hope this information is informative and will be helpful in such an event. Since I am not aware of the future I can not guarantee that this information will save your life but I hope it does. Also remember that the information that is contained in the files is applicable to a nuclear reactor event without the nuclear explosion.

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